French CPA in Bordeaux

A Regional Group

ERECApluriel is an accounting and auditing firm, founded by Patrick Fondevila in Bordeaux in 1978. Since then, the firm has developed around Arcachon Bay, in Pessac, and in the Charente-Maritime and Vendée departments.

13 Offices

Today, the group operates across 13 sites: Andernos – Arcachon – Biganos – Bordeaux – Gujan Mestras – Lacanau – La Rochelle – Lege-Cap-Ferret – Luçon – Parentis – Pauillac – Pessac – Salles

With a workforce of about 120 people and 11 associate accountants, ERECApluriel works with 2,500 clients, SMBs/VSBs, artisans, traders, associations, professionals, farmers, individuals, creators, and others.

International Openness

ERECApluriel assists English-speaking (as well as Portuguese- and Spanish-speaking) clients.

In our offices, we have dedicated staff who combine technical and language skills (English, Spanish and Portuguese) to assist you in your projects.

Your contacts who speak fluent English:

  • Thomas Fondevila in Bordeaux, Pessac and Pauillac.
  • Olivier Boulbès in Arcachon Bay.

To assist our customers in their development abroad, ERECApluriel is a member of the association BKR International operating in 70 countries worldwide. If you wish to establish yourself abroad, we can put you in contact with one of the 160 independent accounting firms that belong to the group.

6 Divisions of Expertise

Our 6 divisions of excellence ensure you consistently receive the best advice at the right time.

At any time, you have a range of skills that you can apply as part of an annual or one-time mission.

Accounting & Tax Division

The Accounting and Tax Division allows you to bring your business’s taxation under control and to optimise your personal taxation.

Our accountants work on your record-keeping (input of accounting entries), on drawing up your balance sheet and tax forms, and on analysing your annual accounts.

The Accounting and Tax Division also fulfills all of your tax obligations and meets administrative demands: VAT, corporation tax liquidation, local business tax, and others.

If you wish, we can provide you with software tailored to your needs:

  • Business management software (quotes, invoicing, client reminders)
  • Online accounting software
  • EDM (electronic document management)

Social Division

 The Social Division allows you to delegate two sensitive assignments, for which you are responsible as a business leader:

Payroll management: producing pay slips and all welfare organisation declarations. With our Social Division, you will remain in compliance with the law and will not risk any litigation.

Personnel management: management of all of the contractual formalities related to employee arrivals, departures and absences.

Do you have any doubts? Our payroll managers and employment law experts are here to answer all of your questions, to facilitate and secure your human resources management.

Legal Division

The Legal Division assists you in achieving all of your annual legal obligations: convocations, meetings, filings with the Registry, and others.

In addition, our legal experts are at your side on a daily basis to:

  1. – assist with changes in your company: creation, recovery, transformation, restructuring, transfers, mergers, and others,
  2. – advise you on the best choice of legal status and structuring,
  3. – perform all acts and formalities linked to developments in your company (association, capital increase, and others),
  4. – drafting all types of commercial contracts, leases, terms of sale, group agreements, contribution transactions, acts for assignment of securities, trademark registrations, and others.

Consulting Division

At the intersection of taxation, business management and legal advice, the Consulting Division assists you in steering your business and improving its performance.

Our Consulting Division implements all of the economic and financial analytical tools you may need for your development:

  1. Management control: dashboard, production costs, multi-annual budgets, and others,
  2. Forecasting tools: business plans, financial analysis, liquid asset forecasting, investment plans, and others,
  3. Business transfers: assessments, acquisition audits, acquisition support missions, takeover arrangements,
  4. Assistance for your development: legal and financial arrangements, advice in managing your property,
  5. Valuation of your business, preparation for transfers.

Social Welfare Division

Our social welfare advisers operate in tandem with the accountant.

Retirement Balance Sheet
Contingency Audit
Complementary Health Diagnosis
Choice of the Spouse’s Status
Employee Savings Plans

 Auditing Division

Our Auditing Division works with two types of needs:

Contractual auditing: in the event of the sale or acquisition of companies, for the assessment of your internal procedures or assistance with the implementation of consolidated accounts, our work adapts to your needs.

Legal auditing: the statutory auditor’s mission is to certify the reliability and sincerity of your accounts. This certification is a guarantee of trust and safety for you and your partners.

Each site is organised according to these 6 divisions of expertise, within which trained and experienced specialists develop.

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